In this podcast, Evolutionary Tree Founder Thomas Ricketts talks with Bill Brewster, host of the well-respected podcast The Business Brew, about the power and impact of innovation on industries, the economy, and investing. 

It's a great conversation in which Tom and Bill cover a lot of ground, including:

  • Why Tom views innovation as pervasive across all sectors and industries, not just tech
  • Examples of the depth and breadth of research Evolutionary Tree engages in to identify leading quality innovators
  • The technical and economic hurdles that must be cleared for an innovation to go mainstream
  • Why Tom cautions investors to avoid the hype around innovations that are not ready for primetime
  • His definition of "quality innovators"
  • What he means by company culture being one of the "secret weapons" of long-term investors
  • Why Evolutionary Tree will exit a company before it reaches maturity or saturation and re-allocate to emerging innovators