Assessing culture is an important part of our research process, but it is not easy. Culture is the product of values, norms, behaviors, and beliefs. As a result, it is difficult to pin down or quantify. For this reason, so many investors seem to overlook the importance of culture. We believe our focus on this critical element, and our willingness to assess the “softer” elements of a company, can enhance our ability to add value over the long term.


Specialness & the Power of Culture

We authored a thought piece titled Specialness & the Power of Culture, in which we focus on how culture contributes to the success of innovative businesses and share a few examples from the portfolio. We also discuss:

  • Decoding Culture: Some Techniques We Use to Assess Company Culture
  • Company examples including HubSpot, Netflix and Sarepta
  • Evolutionary Tree’s Culture and Values
  • The Importance of an Adaptive Culture in the Age of Innovation

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